Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rooftops for DSDF

I played around with another piece of Tyvek for my Different Strokes from Different Folks challenge. This time I used almost all acrylic and did I ever go wild with the color. The picture was so monochromatic, and uninteresting in color to me so I went as far the other direction as I could. I tried to concentrate on shapes, and textures. For the finishing touch I used Caran D' Arche Neocolor sticks. I rubbed different shades over some of the areas to enhance the textures made by the acrylic. It was loads of fun just playing and experimenting in a free way. Always the question in my mind was, "What would happen if I..." and then I would just go for it. I hope you catch my sense of play.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lost World Circles

Myrna Wacknov's paintings on Tyvek intrigued me and I tried one but the watercolor just beaded up on it. Then she blogged about using a Golden Acrylic product called GAC200 that increases adhesion to slick surfaces. So I coated the Tyvek with a GAC and gesso mix as recommended on the bottle, let it dry, and then I was able to get some success with the watercolors. I played around with making circles and lines, used some watercolor crayons and some acrylic paints, and finally drops of alcohol. When I thought I was happy with it I let it dry. While I was looking at it upside down I noticed that I had three circles in a vertical row right in the middle! (Top painting.) Aaaagh! The curse of putting things in the middle. I put the top picture in Photoshop and corrected the two lower circles and liked it better so then I went into the real painting and did some watercolor editing. The surface, being rather slick was pretty easy to edit. The bottom picture is the finished painting, Lost Worlds, 8.5x11 . I showed it to a friend and he asked, "Why paint on Tyvek rather than traditional paper or canvas?" I came up with three reasons; you get at different effect, it's a challenge, and the Tyvek was free (a builder gave it to me).


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