Friday, March 29, 2013

Lion's Gate-Jerusalem, Israel

                                          Lion's Gate-Jerusalem 
Watercolor, 15X22

I finished the painting that I started in the workshop but I finished it mostly in my own method.  I did try to use some of the new things I learned in the workshop such as paint strength and color blending. In the end I tend to go back to what I know best. I'm sure I will incorporate what I learned into my work. I love my sable brushes now that I know how to use them and using soft paint is so much easier than digging out diluted paint from a hard, dry palette. 
The photo that I used was from our trip to Israel several years ago. The gate was built in the 1500's and is also called St Stephen's gate. It is believed that Stephen was martyred outside that gate area. Of course the gate to the city in those days has been long gone and this gate is "new". It's a double gate, and leads to the old city with buildings beyond. It's called Lion's gate because of the lion figures carved on each side of the gate. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Workshop Recovery

Last week I was in a workshop for four days. I've needed that and more to recover. It's daunting to be in a learning mode for four days if you've been out of school for decades. The artist was Marie Natale from New Jersey. She is a wonderful watercolorist and teacher. She recommends sable brushes which I have but seldom use. I love them now that I've learned how to use them. We learned the 5 "strengths" of watercolor; tea, coffee, milk, cream and butter and how to apply them. 

This little landscape illustrates the use of the different strengths of watercolor pigment. 
I'm not finished with my large painting that I started in the workshop. I will keep working on it and hope to have it posted soon. In the meantime try this little landscape for yourself. Here's a link to Marie's web site.


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