Thursday, March 04, 2010

Stavanger Norway

After a hectic week of being in charge of one of our local art league's show it was good to have a class so that I could have some time to paint. It's so nuts to do everything about painting and not actually have time to paint! Last night I spent some time finding a scene to paint by searching Google Maps. The assignment for the Virtual Paint Out blog was to paint a scene from Stavanger, Norway. I was in Norway in 1994 and loved it; it is such a beautiful and rugged country. Besides that, my mother's ancestry is Norwegian. I wanted to find a cottage by a fjord to paint. That was not so easy but I found a few lovely scenes and will be posting what I have painted here and at Even though the little cabin or boat house in the picture was brown, I had to paint it red. I just love the red houses in Norway. I was told that they painted them red so that the sailors could identify their house and port in bad weather.


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