Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Virtual Paint Out

Prince Edward Island, Canada, 10X7, Watercolor Sticks and Intense Pencils

It's a new month and a new place to virtually go at Virtual Paint Out; http://virtualpaintout.blogspot

This month it is Prince Edward Island. When I started traveling around the island with google earth I was so surprised at how flat it was. I don't know why I expected it to be more hilly and verdant. But anyway, I found this nice little landscape with a meandering stream. I decided to paint it in my class on Tuesday and when I looked in my bag I found a 12 piece set of watercolor sticks and the same number of Inktense Pencils but no palette! What a way to force yourself to a limited palette! I used mostly the sticks and only did a little detail with the pencils. It's made me think that the sticks would be perfect travel companions, compact, not messy, and not a security problem. (I think I need more than 12, though).


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I started watercolor painting earnestly in 1991 after I moved to Florida. My husband and I are retired, and we are both artists. We both have works displayed  at the Wildchild Gallery in Matlacha Florida.