Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge- Day 14

Bird on a Wire
Mixed media collage, 6 X 6

This collage is made up of the same papers as yesterday's collage. The envelope that I talked about is on the top, it's the inside of the envelope. Yesterday I used the outside. The glittery paper is on the bottom. You can make out the reflection of the glitter spray in it if you look carefully. The bird is an acrylic transfer. See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge Day 13

As the Crow Flies
Mixed media collage, 6 X 6

Friday the 13th is not and unlucky day after all. I'm flying through the 30 day challenge just like this crow is flying though my painting. I'm still using oranges and getting more comfortable with it. This collage, and the next three, have parts of an interesting envelope. On this one it's in the upper right corner; I have painted and stamped on it. The paper on the lower right I put on gold glitter and glitter spay. I wish you could see the sparkle. The other pieces are altered magazine pages or hand painted paper. Everything is coated with gloss acrylic, fused with an iron to a backing and coated with acrylic varnish. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge- Day 12

New Beginnings 2
Mixed media collage 7 X 7

Not only is this in oranges and browns, it is also a random or scattered composition so I'm really out of my comfort zone. I used a sponge roller with off white paint on the right side so that I could scribble in it. I also put some paint on the bottom and a little to break up the dark square on the top. I think the paint brought the piece together somewhat. I have a feeling I will be working on this one some more, it doesn't feel finished to me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge, Day 11

New Beginnings 1
Mixed media collage, 7 X 7

I'm working in colors that I don't usually use in my New Beginnings Series. Browns and oranges are not colors that I use in clothing or home decorating. That is what a new beginning is to me; trying something new and different. I'm not quite comfortable with it yet, a little tentative and unsure with using these alien colors. I will keep trying to push through my usual preferences and go for something outside of my box.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 30 in 30 Days Challenge Day 10

Collage, mixed media 6 X 6

Before I can have a new beginning I have to have some resolutions as to what my new beginning will look like. It doesn't matter what language you write them in, as long as they are written as a reminder of what you intend to do. I'm not good at this. My New Year's resolutions have usually been forgotten by now so I have stopped making them. You know the usual ones, loose weight, exercise more, eat healthy food, etc. Then life gets in the way. A family member dies, you get an illness, or an accident happens; the list can go on and on. But, the 30 day challenge is good because it's got an ending in 30 days. I can do 30 days! I'm already 1/3 done. So, away with the blues an on to thoughts of spring and summer, bright colors and positive thoughts.
This collage is made up of scrapbooking papers, coffee filters and acrylic paint. It's heat fused to 140# paper and sealed with acrylic varnish ready to mount or mat and frame.

Monday, January 09, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge, Day 9

The Blues 4
Collage, Mixed Media 6 X 6

The last in this series, I hope the blues are gone and spirits have begun to be lifted. It's a new year, a time of new beginnings and planning for the future. This will be the theme of my next group of art work. 

Sunday, January 08, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge Day 8

The Blues 3
Mixed media collage 6 X 6

Making art, getting together with fellow artists and creating is one of the best ways I know to beat the blues. The holidays are over, in some areas of the country it's pretty dreary outside, but if you can spend a little time doing something you love you won't stay blue very long. This collage is a combination of some of the same papers used in the first two. 

2017 30 Day Challenge Day 7

The Blues 2
Mixed media collage, 6 x 6

Fewer blues in this collage than the last one and more red, perhaps the winter is not so blue after all. One can always read and listen to music to beat the blues. One different paper in this collage is a printed paper grocery bag. Would you have guessed it?


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