Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doing Fun Things- Day 2

                            Quilt Squares with a leaf motif 5X5

This is, for me, the fun stuff. I love adding collage elements to paintings. The second day of our workshop we were to start with an abstract design, do an under-painting and then add our collage elements. One of the elements was to be a skeleton leaf or two. These are natural leaves that have been treated so that just the veins remain and then they are coated with something to give them either a metallic or plain color. What gives these works "punch" is the dark areas that lead the eye to the subject. The class had great fun exchanging art papers and colored napkins to use in our future collages.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Quilt Abstracts

                                     Two Quilt Squares    

In the afternoon of the first day of our workshop with Karen Knutson we developed our abstracts into 5X5 squares. These are designed to be framed separately, hung together but are not diptychs. You could make as many squares as you like as long as they are related in color and design. My designs reminded me of a Southwest or Native American motif. The thumbnails above show the design that I was working from; the colored square is a section from a magazine advertisement that I used for my design turned and used in different directions. This is the springboard for the design, the rest is all imagination. It's a good way to get a start on your abstract design but the formulas for design that you find in design books seem to work the best for me.


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