Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Little Whimsy

Watercolor 16 X 20

Sometimes I like to make textured backgrounds for  watercolor paintings. I  use different papers, gauze, mark makers, or whatever. Often I have something in mind, most of the time I'm just loosening up, playing with the paint and my "toys". As I looked at this, after it had dried, I liked it the way it was, the gauze had made a creature shape that looked like a dragon to me. So, I named it Puff. I'm enjoying him for now, maybe someday he'll be turned into something else. After all, he is magic!

Friday, November 09, 2018

Travel Time Art

Banana Blossom
Sketch book painting

I was able to do one painting while I was in Hawaii. We were with family for a wedding so there was lots of activity and very little time for getting out the watercolors or sketchbook. This was painted from a picture I took at the Garden of Eden on Maui. Bananas form from the top or stem of the blossom and continue as the stem grows. So this blossom will get smaller as more bananas form on the top. Really an unusual plant. After a stalk produces fruit it dies and new shoots come up from the base of the plant. Hawaii's climate seems to be perfect for bananas as well as pineapple and many other tropical fruits. There is a 6 hour time difference between Florida and Hawaii, I'm just getting adjusted after a week being back. It's good to be home! 

Saturday, October 06, 2018

First Show of the Season

My Magnolia
Watercolor 15 X 15

October is the beginning of the art show season here. The first show at the art league was to be specific to our area of southwest Florida. I have a magnolia tree that blooms every spring and I love to take pictures of the flowers and paint them. This is one of the pictures that I entered into the show. It got many compliments but no mention by the judge. And that's they way it goes at art shows! There were many fine paintings entered, we are a group of very talented artists and the competition is steep but most of us are very supportive of one another. Artists make pretty good friends, I think. We have a nice opening reception with food and wine. It's good to be back in the swing of things.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What I Learned

Moonlight Serenade
Collage 10 X 10

I did another collage with my lady in the Klempt style dress. I must admit that while I have a general idea of what I will put together with the colors and theme, after I get going it evolves into a life of it's own. I find I need something for this space, or I need to tone down that and add a little more of this. It is so unlike planning and painting a watercolor. 

My lady was an acrylic transfer and was rather ghost-like when it was applied. She disappeared into the dark background. So, I had to paint over most of her with acrylic so she could be seen. The take away from this was, acrylic transfers must be placed on a lighter background. My "aha moment". Some things are taught better by experience! 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Lesson #2

Tropical Fish with Coral

In my beginner art class we practiced sunset skies again. Into these skies I had them practice blowing tree branches with the straw method. Blowing reduces the fear factor of making it look perfect. This method was shown to me in workshop with Lian Quan Zhen a few years ago and we painted tropical fish with coral which will be  Lesson number 2. It looks complicated but the fish are drawn on and then masked off with masking fluid. When that is dry blobs of paint are blown into coral shapes with a straw. It's a fun way to put in an otherwise complicated background that can tend to get too picky. 
I'm teaching at a wonderful facility which is called Lifeline Family Center. It's a residence where young mothers get prenatal care, education, parenting classes, and counseling. In about two years they are ready to support themselves and their children. Some of them go on to higher education. Art is a way to have fun and enrich their lives. Two of my students have just had their babies and are on maternity leave from classes so they concentrate on caring for and bonding with their babies. As a result, I am down to one student for the time being. 

Friday, September 07, 2018

Watercolor Lessons

 Sunset Palm 2
Watercolor 9.5 X 7.75

Sunset Palm 1
Watercolor 9.5 X 7.35

I've been asked to teach an art class to some young women and it has been a struggle for me. I'm starting from scratch and the lessons have to be simple enough to accomplish in a 2 hour session. Thanks to a video by Jean Lursen, a fellow blogger, I have a simple sunset to try. The top one was done with Mission paints plus payne's gray for the dark area. The bottom one with quin. gold and orange. I'm going to go with the brighter colors for today's class.
I hope I have some student work to post in the future.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bird In The Hand

Bird In The Hand 
Collage, 6 X 6

I left some of the strings from the string paper on the collage. When the collage is mounted on a panel they will add some interest to the piece. The string paper is made by layering string in between two pieces of tissue paper and then coating with diluted acrylic and gloss medium. 

Bird In The Hand
Collage 6 X 6

This shows the collage a little larger for detail. It's made of a combination of hand made papers, magazine pages that have been altered and commercial papers. Everything has been coated with
acrylic gloss medium and heat fused to 140# paper. I plan to mount it on a wood panel but it could be matted and framed as well. I think I'm going to have some fun with this bored looking lady holding different objects,quite a few things come to mind. Do you have a suggestion? Make a comment below. Thanks for taking time to read my blog.


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