Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge Day 17


Thank you for reading and following!

Bird Watching
Mixed media and watercolor 15 X 22

I never imagined that I would get so involved with blogging. It goes to show you how you can do things that you never dreamed you would do.

Last week end I attended an art workshop with Karen Knutson as the instructor. She and I are fellow Minnesotans so I've known her for a long time. It was great having her in Florida to teach a workshop. 
Her first lesson was doing charcoal pours as a background for your painting. If you look carefully at the painting you see random black spray like shapes in the background. These are made by splashing water on paper that has been sprinkled with powdered charcoal. When it's dry, after it's been sprayed with fixative, you design your painting around the charcoal. It's a fun but messy process. The bird's wing has been embellished with collage papers, so it's right up my alley. Click on the image to get a closer view of the detail. 
Karen has very creative and imaginative paintings, you can see her work at www.karenknutson.com or read her blog at www.karenknutson.blogspot.com.

Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge Day 16

A Postcard
Mixed media collage 6 X 6

No birds this time, just a cute postcard embellishment. It has no particular meaning except that it was a complementary color to the oranges and yellow and seemed to fit there; also it repeats the shape in the upper right. It's all about finding what works. 
Thanks for the comments about my work, I really appreciate it. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge - Day 15

Bird on a Perch
Mixed media Collage

Day 15! I'm half-way through the challenge. I've made it through an out of town family funeral, and a 3 day workshop and I have still managed to post a daily piece. I can be organized and focused when I want to be, and that's the challenge. Not so much that I make great or even necessarily good art, but that I focus on what I want to do and that's to finish 30 pieces in 30 days. Sometimes I know life is going to get in the way  of creating so I double or even triple up on some days to get ahead or to catch up if need be. 
I'm starting to love the lighter oranges and yellows. I don't think I've made friends with a true orange color, yet; perhaps as an accent but not as a dominant color. I have one more orange and then I think I will move on and start a new color series of abstracts.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge- Day 14

Bird on a Wire
Mixed media collage, 6 X 6

This collage is made up of the same papers as yesterday's collage. The envelope that I talked about is on the top, it's the inside of the envelope. Yesterday I used the outside. The glittery paper is on the bottom. You can make out the reflection of the glitter spray in it if you look carefully. The bird is an acrylic transfer. See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge Day 13

As the Crow Flies
Mixed media collage, 6 X 6

Friday the 13th is not and unlucky day after all. I'm flying through the 30 day challenge just like this crow is flying though my painting. I'm still using oranges and getting more comfortable with it. This collage, and the next three, have parts of an interesting envelope. On this one it's in the upper right corner; I have painted and stamped on it. The paper on the lower right I put on gold glitter and glitter spay. I wish you could see the sparkle. The other pieces are altered magazine pages or hand painted paper. Everything is coated with gloss acrylic, fused with an iron to a backing and coated with acrylic varnish. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge- Day 12

New Beginnings 2
Mixed media collage 7 X 7

Not only is this in oranges and browns, it is also a random or scattered composition so I'm really out of my comfort zone. I used a sponge roller with off white paint on the right side so that I could scribble in it. I also put some paint on the bottom and a little to break up the dark square on the top. I think the paint brought the piece together somewhat. I have a feeling I will be working on this one some more, it doesn't feel finished to me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge, Day 11

New Beginnings 1
Mixed media collage, 7 X 7

I'm working in colors that I don't usually use in my New Beginnings Series. Browns and oranges are not colors that I use in clothing or home decorating. That is what a new beginning is to me; trying something new and different. I'm not quite comfortable with it yet, a little tentative and unsure with using these alien colors. I will keep trying to push through my usual preferences and go for something outside of my box.


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