Monday, August 29, 2016

Finally Home

Summer Bouquet
Watercolor 11 X 15

August was a month of travel seeing friends and family "out west and up north". It was good to get away and be out of the heat and humidity for awhile. In between trips I worked on this little watercolor, first laying in a very wet background of cobalt blue, quinacridone gold and opera rose, and some salt for a little texture. After it was dry and days later I found flowers and a vase in it that needed to be further revealed. I probably worked on it over a period of 6 weeks, whenever I was back in town and finished it last week. Well, maybe it's finished, we'll see.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trees in Silhouette

Trees in Silhouette
Watercolor 15 X 20

I saw a painting similar to this in Oregon when we were there visiting our daughter. I thought it was so striking I had to try it myself. I didn't get my background as bright as the one I saw so it looks more like a winter scene than fall. Still the starkness of it looks striking to me. I added a little dog to the figure so it looks less lonely. I may try it again and try to get my colors a little brighter. I wonder how it would look with yellows and greens? Maybe purples and blues for a night scene with stars. I think I may have a series to paint. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Finished Piece

Souvenir From Paris
8 X 8 Floating Collage

After shopping hardware stores small and large I found turn buttons at Michaels. Who knew? There were no choices as to color or size but at least I found some in a package where I didn't have to buy 50, plus shipping. 
And, yes, the answer to my silly riddle is from the last post is insane, or "in Seine" for the two of you who wrote comments. Thanks, for that. I love getting comments, real ones, not spam. 
Summer is a good time to play around with new ideas and materials. Last week I started making paper for collage in larger format. I'm using paper grocery bags and brown craft paper. They will have many layers on them so they are not finished yet. I'll post pictures after they have as many layers as I want on them. 
I'm thinking about joining the 30 day challenge again in September. Yes, I'm insane, and not in a river! The challenge really gets my creative juices going and I try not to pressure myself but to just have a good time and crank it up a bit. If you're interested look up Leslie Saeta on the internet. I'll try to post the link a little later if I decide to participate.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Before and After


After: Paris Souvenir
Shadow Box Floating Collage 8 X 8

The before you can see had some of the inside paint continuing to the outside, it's harder to tell that the outside paint was a rather dingy tan. I was not happy with my choice so I decided to go with an all off white outside. Four coats of paint later I finally had what I was looking for. It's hard to tell from the photo how the collage floats. It is raised from the back by a foam core base and the top piece has another foam core spacer. It's a nice effect and one I learned from Laura Lein-Svensner. I still have to put a piece of glass on the front which is held in place by turn buttons. 
Now for the question of the day; What do you call a person who jumps in the river that runs through Paris? Leave your answer in the comments.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Painting outdoors

Sample Palette and painting 1

Sample Palette and painting 2

While visiting our daughter in Oregon we went with her to the stable where she boards her horse. As she rode we sat outside in the shade and enjoyed the setting, read, and I painted. I had picked up two sample palettes from Golden's Qor watercolors at the Florida Watercolor Society trade show last year. They were handy to do a couple of quick watercolor sketches. I used sample colors on each packet for the paintings, then I added some pen and used a watercolor pen for the fences. The paintings are about 4 inches square. I enjoyed the challenge of mixing the colors I needed from the palette that was provided.
A very large bird flew across the sky which I tried to capture in the second painting. I should have painted  in the horse and rider but they just wouldn't stand still!

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Is It Collaboration?

Marilyn's Bouquet
Watercolor, 15 X 12

Paris in May
Watercolor, 15 X 10

About a year and a half ago my friend, a fellow artist, passed away suddenly. I probably mentioned it. As a result, I purchased many of her art supplies and was given things that she had left behind. Among them were some half sheet paintings that we used to call, "starts". They were beginnings of paintings that we would start by wetting the paper and letting the pigments flow, then drop in salt or alcohol or water, lay down plastic wrap or wax paper, and just play and leave to chance the outcome. Then the piece would be put aside until we wanted to work on it again. 
These two paintings are from one of Marilyn's starts. I got it out and looked at it one day and it was begging to be finished. As I worked on it I could see that it was two paintings. The larger piece became the bouquet in a vase; to the smaller painting I added some collage elements. The colors she had chosen were so vibrant, it was a lot of fun to work on and made me think fond memories of her and the fun we had painting together with our art friends.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Where to Begin?

Collage in a Shadow Box
10 X 10

I'm behind in my blogging so I don't know where to begin. I finished this floating collage last month and was so excited to get it into a shadow box that I didn't sign it or photograph it first. The picture is of my Mom and her sister many years ago when my Aunt visited Mom in Florida. I think they are on one of the beaches around here. They loved music making when they were young and wrote many letters to one another when they lived far apart. 
I hope to get some of my other works into my blog soon, I'm doing both collage and watercolors in between trips around the country to see family.


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