Monday, December 05, 2016

On the Sparrow

On the Sparrow
collage, 4 X 6

This is one of my favorite quotes, "His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me." It's from an old song of faith and assurance that if Almighty God knows when a sparrow falls (Matthew 10:29), He certainly knows about me and whatever I'm going through. (Right now it's a respiratory infection like a big percentage of the rest of the country. It's good it get it over with now and not have it during the holidays).
This collage is all hand painted paper with one of the little sketchy bird stamps that I found. I've embellished it with some gold colored brads, just for interest and to repeat the dots on the other side. It's sealed and varnished and ready to be matted and framed or fixed to a panel.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Drama Queen

Drama Queen
Collage, 4 X 6

Drama queens, we all know them; sometimes we get sucked into their vortex even when we try hard not to. Then we are left dizzy, wondering what happened to us. Then there are times when we get a little to dramatic ourselves! Time to take a deep breath and stop spinning. That's what this collage reminded me off. It's the busy paper around her head and the stance with hand on hip. You know she's about to get into it, time to leave the room! 
She's made of hand painted brown paper with a little glitter spray and painted tissue. It has brads and a stamped figure and words. It's coated with clear acrylic and UV varnish. 
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day with as little drama as possible!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Another Series

Random Thoughts
8 X 8 Collage

I found a package of clear stamps of these sketchy women in interesting poses and I incorporated them into some collage paper that I painted on brown paper. It's an easy way to put a figure or a portion of a figure into a collage. I got a little crazy that day and also sprayed the paper with Krylon Marbelizing Spray (that's how they spell it); some in white, some in black. It was great fun. I also tried some Krylon Glitter Blast. It's easy to get a little heavy handed with glitter, I discovered. The circles are punched out of a painted book page to indicate thoughts. All the papers are coated with acrylic and heat fused. Then they are coated with several layers of acrylic and acrylic UV varnish. The piece was entered into a Show titled Words and Images at our local art league. 

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

My Happy Place

Beach House 2
Collage 6 X 6

With all the election stuff going on we need a place where we can go and find some peace and quiet. How about a little house on stilts out on the water. No internet or TV, just the waves, the sea and the sunset. Ah, makes me happy just thinking about it. 
This little collage is mounted on a gallery wrapped canvas and is paired with  Beach House 1 that I posted earlier. The papers are all hand altered or painted and heat fused to 140 # watercolor paper. The collage is sealed with UV acrylic to resist fading. 

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Playing Catch Up

 Circular Thoughts
8 X 8 Collage on wood panel

I've been doing a lot of collage lately but not keeping up with the photography and blog posting. Today seems like a good day to do some catch up work. This is an older collage that just felt unfinished to me. I finally decided it needed a blackbird and some embellishments. The circle bead embellishments are harder to spot in the photo but there are 3 and they have some dimension to them and I think they add some interest to the collage. I was thinking about how some thoughts keep going around in your head and that's how I came up with the title.

Paris Skyline
 6 X 6 Collage 

If you've followed my blog you know that I like to incorporate Paris into my paintings and collages. This is an actual Paris skyline on the top, other elements are stamps and collage papers that have been painted or altered in some way. 
I love the intuitive nature of  collage and how it can be abstract and still have recognizable elements in it. This one was started as a demo that I did for the art guild in Sun City FL. It took several weeks before I added the tower and tree. Like painting with paint, when you paint with papers sometimes it takes awhile before the painting "tells you" what it needs.
I have 7 more collages that are in that stage of waiting for the finishing touches so stay tuned.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Some Little Additions

 Beach House 1
Heat Fused Collage 6 X 6

Beach House 1 Side View

I just thought I'd show you how I'm mounting my little beach house collages. I'm putting them on deep gallery wrapped canvas that has been painted and collaged on the edges. While sorting through my stuff I found some little bicycle embellishments that I thought went very well with my beach house. Many Sanibel Islanders get around on bicycles, especially in the winter season when the traffic is thick with tourists. I have another beach house finished and I will be posting it soon.
I've done a major art room reorganization. I sorted all my collage papers by color and cleaned off a shelf so that the clear plastic boxes have a home. It's so nice to be able to go to a box for the color I need. The whole thing took hours but it has been worth it. If only I could get the rest of my life organized! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Starting Small

Pink Roof Beach House 1
 Collage 6 X 6

Wow, was it ever nice to get 3 comments on my last post! Thanks everyone.

I'm starting my Beach House series small to start with. I think I'll continue with my series a little larger because it's easier not to have so many small pieces to work with. 

The beach houses around here have taken on a Key West vibe and have been painted in pastels and brighter colors. Some even have polka dots! I found this paper in an art store and just had to use it just the way it was. The roof is from some Geli plate printing that I did; the sky, sea and trees are altered National Geographic pages and the sand is hand painted printer paper. I finished it with acrylic paint and some pen work. It's finished with a coat of acrylic UV varnish ready to mat and frame or adhere to a 6 X 6 panel.


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