Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Making Collage Art Again

Collage 3 X 5

Collage 3 X 5

Collage 3 X 5

I have a long narrow frame with a mat with 3 openings in which I thought 3 collages would work well. My problem was that I didn't measure the openings before I made the collages. I needed 4 X 6 and, as you can see, I made 3 X 5's. I'll just have to consider them practice and start over. But, I do like the way they turned out so I may be able to find a frame and mat that they will fit into. They are made with printed papers, altered magazine pages, hand painted papers, and acrylic gloss medium on watercolor paper.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Watercolor on Yupo

Monet's Pond on Yupo
Watercolor 9.5 X 12.5

I painted the same scene as before but this time on Yupo. Yupo is a synthetic paper that is a slick plastic. Because it's nonporous, the watercolor sits on the surface instead of sinking into the paper. The result is a much brighter painting. The paint is hard to control if you get too much water and the colors will bleed into one another. The trick is to do an area, allow it to dry and then do another area. The fun part is to take away or add color with a damp brush after the painting is dry. With a little practice it's quite a lot of fun to work on, especially with a landscape painting. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Inspired by Monet

Monet's Pond
Watercolor 11 X 15

If you are an artist, travel to France and go to Giverny to see Monet's Garden it seems like you are almost required to paint the pond and the famous bridge. It's such a complex scene that you can easily get caught up in the details. Photos seem to capture every one and it can be confusing. I tried to keep it simple and not too busy. I am pleased with my first attempt now that I am finished. I'm ready to try another one of a different view of the same pond.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Beach Time
Watercolor 4 X 6

I'm slowly getting back to normal and over the jet lag and other maladies that come with travel and long flights. I went to class and started a painting of Monet's garden which is not yet finished. While waiting for the first washes to dry I did a little watercolor from a photo I took at the beach. I love the bright yellow umbrellas against the blue of the water.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've Been in France

Nasturtium Path in Monet's Garden

We had a wonderful opportunity to be in France last week. An artist friend and her husband were renting a house for a few weeks during her show in Giverny. They invited us to share the house with them for a week. We had a perfect sunny day when we went to Monet's garden. There was this amazing bed of nasturtiums that were arranged to make a zig zag path. 

Lily Pond with Bridge in Monet's Garden

Of course we had to take dozens of pictures of the famous lily pond with the bridge. The grounds are beautifully kept and there are profusions of flowers everywhere, even in October.

 Old Gold Clock, Rouen, France

One of our side trips was to Rouen, where there is a huge monument for Joan of Arc. This is a grand cobblestone street going under a huge clock. Such an interesting city, I had no idea how amazing it was. 

Vincent Van Gogh
In Auvers Sur Oise, this is "Van Gogh-ville". The house where Vincent spent the last 3 months of his life is preserved as is the room where he died. It's just an empty room now. Nearby is his statue, grave site and the church that he painted. The little French flag was painted and left by our artist friend. She calls it "A Random Act of Art Kindness" and has her contact information on the back for whoever finds it. 

Hotel Baudy, Giverny, France
When artists would go to Giverny to visit Monet, they would stay at the Baudy Hotel. They got so tired of the artists painting in their rooms and getting paint on the sheets they built a studio behind the hotel and also made a terraced garden for them to paint in. I don't know about the rooms but the food at the hotel is wonderful and reasonably priced. It's just a short walk from Monet's Garden.

What the Fashionistas Are Wearing

I thought I'd add a little fashion tidbit (a la Paris Breadfasts blog). It's true, the French are now wearing athletic shoes, gasp, and fringe is in. Here's a link to one of my favorite blogs.  http://parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com

Sunday, October 05, 2014

A Collage of the 30 Day Challenge

A Photo Collage

I used Picasa to make my photo collage. I tried Picmonkey like Leslie suggested last year and found it confusing. All my photos of my pieces were already on Picasa and it practically does it for you, then you can move them around the way you want to. 
Now it's time to start something new. Show season is starting this month so I'd better get busy, those monthly shows come around pretty quickly and I'll be out of town for a week as well. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Need to Post Something

Blue Bird Sketch

I think the 30 day challenge has me addicted to posting on my blog. It's like my day isn't complete without it. So, today I'm posting my attempt at doing a loose, watercolor bluebird. I've seen some lovely ones in the National Geographic and have found that it's going to take some practice to get them to look like I want them to. These are the best of three attempts today, I like the one on the left the best.


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