Friday, October 19, 2012

I've Got Wet Brushes

                                Sketchbook Journal pages, continued..,

Now that classes and regular painting time are back in the routine I'm painting a lot more than in the summer. The larger pieces that I'm working on are still in process and not available for the blog, yet. In the meantime I'm continuing to explore some of my materials and stamps in my sketchbook journal. On the left page I collaged some butterflies and flowers, some from napkins, some from printed pages and some from stamping on thin rice paper. On the right side I tried to stamp the palm tree from a stamp I made out of a piece of foam tray that the local grocery store packs with veggies. The dots are made from a piece of non-slip drawer liner that I have painted on and then used a brayer to deposit the paint on the paper. The circles are from whatever round things are within reach and the red is collage of stamped tissue paper as are the diamond shapes and clock. It's good for me to know how these items work on the page. Do they wrinkle, smear, or disintegrate? If so, I don't want them in my "toy box".
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