Thursday, July 07, 2011

Oregon Cherries

                                                 Oregon Cherries

We visited our daughter and son-in-law in Oregon over the Independence Day holidays. It was a delightful trip with fine weather and views of the surrounding mountains every day. The cherry trees are full of cherries this time of year and are too beautiful not to paint. I managed to pick a bunch with some of the leaves for a little still life painting. I love painting cherries and these with the leaves were an interesting change from the cherries in crystal that I painted last time. I started with yellow and added reds while it was still wet to mingle the colors being careful to leave the little highlights. For the leaves I also started with  yellow and added greens and blues and let them mingle with the yellow.


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I started watercolor painting earnestly in 1991 after I moved to Florida. My husband and I are retired, and we are both artists. We both have works displayed  at the Wildchild Gallery in Matlacha Florida.