Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mounted Watercolor

Watercolor 10.5 X 10.5,
mounted on 12 X 12 gallery wrapped canvas

Robert Burridge sends out a weekly email letter called "Bob Blasts". This week's video showed how to mount a watercolor painting on a gallery wrapped canvas. I decided to give it a try. I confess I cropped an older watercolor, punched up the colors on it and found a canvas that would fit. I'm very happy with the results. I painted the canvas with a buff acrylic and gave the painting several coats of spray fixative. When the fixative was dry I coated the painting with a matte UV varnish. I used soft gel medium to adhere the painting to the canvas, cleaned the edges with a baby wipe (invaluable studio tool) and placed it upside down on a plastic sheet. I fit mat board in the back so that I could put some weights on it while it dried overnight. I decided another protective coat of UV varnish would be a good idea and I'm calling it finished. No frame, no glass, ready to hang! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mounting small collages

Oriental Expressions I and II

Since these collages are small, I decided to mount them on gallery wrapped canvas. The black background sets off the collages, I think. I used soft acrylic gel medium coated evenly on the back of the collage so that it would adhere to the canvas. I used a brayer to make sure they were firmly attached and the excess gel was removed with a baby wipe. Then I turned them over on a non stick surface and pressed them down with books. After drying everything was coated with UV varnish. The collages are 4 X 4 and the finished piece is 6 X 6, ready to enter into the next art show.


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