Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've put it off long enough. I have done all I'm going to do to the portrait of my friend Cathi's mom. This is from a totally candid photo taken of her a year or so ago. I liked the knowing look she is giving, like she has seen it all. I'm not sure if the portrait is finished, I just know that, for now anyway, I'm not going to do anymore on it. Maybe some day in the future I'll pick it up and decide that more needs to be done and I'll know what it is. Sometimes paintings are like that aren't they?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beach Girl

I painted this to post on . The original photo had more people in it, but I elected to paint just the girl. In my mind she is looking wistfully out on the ocean, perhaps just a little timid about getting into the water that looks so inviting. The smooth beach reminds me of Daytona Beach in FL. The reflections there are always great and I love taking pictures of people on the beach there. I would like to know where Karen Jurick got this shot, somewhere along the Atlantic perhaps. It's just a reminder for all you northern folks that summer is just around the corner.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whimsical Piggy

OK, it's Sunday, time for something whimsical. Several week ends ago, when I was painting at the Gallery, I found a picture of a pig in the newspaper. I thought it was a cute pig as pigs go. So how could I not paint him? Or maybe it was a she. Who knows? Anyway, today I added the fuzzy hairs that were backlit on the photo which was in black and white. I love that because then I can paint my piggy any color I want, so permanent rose (pink) and colbalt blue were the colors of choice with a nice orangy-gold background. Perhaps I should name him Porkchop, (groan).

I hope you have had a restful if not whimsical week end.


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