Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24-Paris Valentine

Paris Valentine
Collage with acrylic, 5 X 5

What could be more romantic than a Valentine with elements of Paris included? Since I had both ideas going I decided to put them together in one collage. One disadvantage of the heat set collage is that it's pretty impossible to correct something if it slips out of place like my black ribbon did. I need to take my time and secure my little pieces that I don't want to slip with a little medium underneath. I seem to get so wrapped up in seeing the finished product that I do things too quickly. Impetuousness plagues more than one art project of mine; it's a lesson to be learned.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23- Paris Collage

Paris Collage
Collage, 5 X 5

Another subject I wanted to explore with collage was one with a Paris theme. I have a small collection of papers and pictures that are iconic for Paris, the Eiffel Tower and one of the famous bridges for which the city is known. Then I found the row of ladies and gentlemen in period costumes that seemed to fit a romantic idea of old Paris. It's a city that you never seem to come to the end of, there's always something new just around the corner. I'm sure it's a subject that I can come to again and again.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 22-Valentine 1

Valentine 1
Collage 5 X 5

I was able to get some Valentine themed papers going and put together a collage with them. I'm working on several at once. The experiment with this one was the dryer sheet that I coated with red and gloss medium. It's the solid red lacy stuff that is running vertically. I think it makes an interesting addition but found that the acrylic made it difficult to tear. I not sure I will make more but it is an unusual texture and worth exploring. The hearts and music notes were made with a punch; I punched papers that were already coated so that they would adhere with the hot iron like all the other papers. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 21 Zebra Eye

Zebra Eye 
Watercolor 4 X 5

Today is a prep day for me. I want to do some collages with a Valentine theme so I have to prepare some papers that will fit that theme before I can assemble my collage. In the meantime, I'm posting a painting I did awhile ago in the mini format for our sale on Pine Island. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20 Wise Owl

Wise Owl
Collage, 7 X 7

A companion to the other owl collage, this owl is a bit more serious. Perhaps he's protecting his territory or thinking serious thoughts. This is a heat fused collage using acrylic coated papers that I have painted myself, everything is original. I used a paper with lettering on it to add to the idea of an owl being wise. I stamped the word WISE in the blue area with letter stamps and acrylic paint. I read in the Wall Street Journal that owls are a popular trend in decorating children's rooms. I wonder if this owl would say, "Have you finished your homework?" 

Days 18 and 19, Seaside Minis

 Seaside Mini 1
Watermedia 5 X 4
Seaside Mini 2
Watermedia 5 X 4

I'm getting caught up with postings for the 30 day Challenge. Saturday and Sunday were busy days for me so I got a little behind. These minis are done for the Pine Island Art Show and Sale. Every year each artist donates 6 of these minis to sell as a fund raiser for the Art Association. They are matted and bagged in a clear bag and sold for $10 each. Quite a bargain for a piece of original art. None of them can be reproductions. There is a scramble at the beginning of the show for the works done by favorite artists who contribute. 


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