Monday, June 17, 2013

I Can't Stop Now

His Eye Is On the Sparrow
Heat set collage 8 X 10

I know I said I was going to go back to painting but a friend sent me an email about the heat set collage she was doing. I went to a couple of web sites and read a little bit about it and was hooked. I had to order a book, iron and release paper so that I could try it. After my order came I spent Saturday and Sunday coating a bunch of papers and substrates with gloss medium. I had to try one today because tomorrow will be my packing day since we are going away on Wednesday. I just wanted to try putting something together without too much angst about composition and design. After tacking down most of it I added a few bits and pieces to soften the hard edges and break up the upper left corner. The fun thing is that once you lay down your design you don't have to remove it and add glue. You just cover it with the release paper and tack it down with the hot iron. The down side is preparing all the papers ahead of time by coating it on both sides with gloss medium. Now that I have a lot of papers coated, I should be able to do quite a few when I get back.


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