Monday, March 08, 2010

20-30 More Minutes

I couldn't leave it at 20 minutes, it was too wishy-washy for me. I had to go back in today and punch up the colors. But the leaf on the lower left has too many veins in it, I got a little carried away with the scraper. When I do another 20 minute painting I'm going to remember to really lay the pigment in so that it doesn't turn out so washed out. I guess that's what the exercise is all about, learning each time to you do something.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sea Grape Leaves- 20 minutes

I've been wanting to do the 20 minute challenge for quite some time and finally determined that today was the day. I love painting sea grape leaves, they are as big as saucers and range in color from green to red to orange and finally brown depending on the season. The new leaves are reddish orange and almost translucent. The older leaves start getting a red tinge on the edges. The veins on the top of the leaf are yellowish, on the underside are red. I had to trim the bushes anyway, so I brought in a branch, set the timer and painted for twenty minutes. I wanted to tweak my painting a little more but, in the spirit of the 20 minute challenge, I did not. This is it, no editing or retouching. There's really no excuse for not painting at least 20 minutes everyday if perfection is not the goal, just painting. See it posted along with other 20 minute paintings at


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