Friday, March 23, 2012


Cup and Saucer Zentangle 4 1/2 X 6 Sharpie on paper

At our annual Art League spring luncheon we were all introduced to Zentangle and given the opportunity to try one ourselves. Of course we didn't get formal instruction, just a piece of paper, some pens, and some examples that were passed around. All of us in attendance make art in some form or another so it was interesting to see all the different things that were drawn in about a 10-15 minute time frame. When I got home I checked out Zentangle on the web and found that it is a bit more sophisticated than our playful doodles. They have actual instructors and formal names for the designs that fill the space. I looked to me like they are mostly done in black pencil. It was fun to do and another interesting art form to learn about. I would love to get comments from anyone who has some information about Zentangle.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Great Workshop

                                      Untitled, 16X20 Acrylic on tissue.

I just finished another great workshop. This week end I was with Shirley Mancino and 8 other wonderful artists exploring abstract or semi abstract art. Shirley's art can be found at I have this painting, which is finished, and two that are almost finished in just two days. It was more like play than work and we enjoyed Shirley's teaching style and methods a lot.
This painting was started by spreading acrylic paint which was thinned with polymer medium and water carefully on tissue paper which had been crinkled. The tissue was laying on a plastic bag surface so that it could be peeled off when it was dry. Shirley explained that some plastic bags work better than others. The tissue gets very fragile when it is wet so care must be taken.
After the tissue was dry templates of the horses were drawn onto the painted tissue and then painted negatively (the blue around the horses). I think it makes quite a striking painting and I'm enthusiastic about trying this process again.


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