Saturday, December 20, 2014

All Buttoned Down

All Buttoned Down
Collage on gallery wrap canvas
8 X 8

This is my first attempt at making a collage on gallery wrapped canvas. It was formerly an acrylic painting that didn't make the grade so I covered it with gesso and tissue paper. There it sat for awhile until I decided to try to collage on it. I saved an envelope with the button closure because of the button and the plaid interior (see the upper right corner). Then I went looking for compatible papers and finally a similar button to the top one so that the string would have a place to go. It seemed sort of masculine in color and design to me so I used the words "because I know best" and the picture of a man on the lower right from a piece of art paper. Everything is coated with gloss medium and fused together with heat. When it's finished I coat it with UV varnish and paint the edges of the canvas.

It seems I have more time to create art than I do to post it on my blog. This time of year seems to accelerate everything and before I know it a week or more has gone by. I don't think time will slow just for me so until next time, enjoy the season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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