Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Small paintings of a small island.

I'm doing a series of very small paintings using a type of watercolor that is opaque; gouache (it rhymes with squash). This scene was from a picture I took on an island off the gulf coast called Useppa. It's a private island but you can get permission to be on the island and have lunch at the hotel if you are not a regular guest. It's very "old Florida" laid back, cute cottages and a little path around the island. This part of the path goes in between a banyan tree. The banyan spreads by sending roots down from the upper limbs. If these tendrils are not cut, the tree will grow immense and choke out other vegitation. This little painting is only 2.5 inches square. It will go in a frame with two other small paintings from the same island. Those will come later.

Happy New Year!

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