Monday, January 26, 2009

Blown away

This looks crazy, I know, but I had to try something differnt for the Different Strokes From Different Folks blog. The original picture for everyone to paint was a Victorian house with a wrought iron fence and a bare tree. Instead of painting it just the way it was photographed, I decided to take it apart. What if it was like Dorothy's house being blown away by a tornado to the Land of OZ? So that's what I did and I don't think it's in Kansas (or San Francisco) anymore. It's on the way to a new place, but don't worry Dorothy, there's still a candle burning in the window for you.


  1. Great idea, your background is wonderful too.

  2. Oh boy--I love it! (Especially the little section of fence floating along!) I applaud you for soing something "different." I always intend to ... but never do (and then I feel a bit guilty, because isn't that the whole point? ...) I really enjoy the whimsy of your approach!

  3. It's crazy cool. Very 'decontructionist'. I often love best the DSFDF paintings that stretch the furthest.



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