Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can't believe how quickly the days go by. I finally got my sunflower to the point where I'm sort of happy with it. It took a lot more pouring of pigment than I thought it would to get the dark backgorund that I wanted. Then, when I took the friskit off the petals of the flower, the bright yellow came off with it (just like the instructor said it would). I gave up with more pouring and rewet and painted the petals with a brush, put in some dark areas, touched up the leaves with some green and called it a day. I should have taken pictures of the in between stages but I'm always getting things done late, like right now.

What I do like about the pouring is the luminous quality of the background. The pigments underneath the last burnt umber pour still shine through. I don't think you could get that any other way, except maybe airbrush and I have never tried that.
So, thanks to Jean Grastorf for teaching me a new way to paint.

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  1. Love the sunflower. I love painting flowers but need more practice.



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