Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Fishingest Bridge

This bridge in Matlacha Florida is called by locals "The fishingest bridge". On many days you can see the whole bridge lined by people fishing, depending on what's in season. It's a draw bridge, as you can see by the picture, it is open allowing a sailboat to go through the pass. The bridge also services a very busy road and the traffic backs up until the bridge is closed again. This gave me an opportunity to hop out of my car and shoot a picture so that I could paint it. The building with the red roof is a motel that is built out over the water so that the guests can walk out of their doors and fish anytime they want to. Matlacha (Mat-la-SHAY) is a unique little place that mixes fishing with art galleries.


  1. You've really captured the spot. I remember bridges like this, growing up as I did in Satellite Beach, FL - they've all since been replaced by high bridges. They're more efficient, since you don't need to open the draw bridge, but with every improvement something is taken away. (PS - I have no idea where Matlacha is .. I'll have to check.)

  2. Thanks, Dan, for your comment. Matlacha is indeed stuck blissfully in time. It's a small island between the mainland and Pine Island. The city on the mainland is Cape Coral but the more well known adjoining city is Ft. Myers. There has been discussion about a new bridge but the land space is so small that all the little businesses would be wiped out by the space it would take to build a new bridge.



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