Monday, September 28, 2009

Hotel Les Roches

I'm supposed to be packing and getting ready for our migration back to Florida and I found a little painting I did in France in 2006. We stayed at a wonderful B&B called Hotel Les Roches in Mont St Jean, France. One lovely afternoon I sat and painted the front entry. The face in the arch was the face of the wife of the builder and original owner of the chateau.
If you ever want to get a taste of the French countryside in the Burgundy area I would highly recommend this chateau. The rooms were clean and spacious, and the food and wine was an A plus. The area was full of vineyards and ancient caves full of dusty old bottles of fine wine.


  1. I wrote you on my blog where you posted about being our own worst critic.. your right ,, we are blessed with being able to do the small accomplishments too. I would never have been able to do it with His help. Then I came for a visit and am enjoying these small treasures. I'm about to purchase a moleskin jounal, I hope I do as well with mine as you've done with yours.. oh, and welcome back to Florida .

  2. No I don't belong to the FWS. I was a member of the Lakeland Art Guild for quite a while. Too many politics involved in those groups.
    I'm enjoying just painting what I want when I want.. keep in touch. Sorry I don't even know your first name. BJ



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