Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Rose Collage

I painted this Rose Collage in a workshop a couple of years ago. I remember that I really liked the technique but I haven't done much of it until the most recent workshop I did. The last workshop was with acrylics on canvas, but this was done with watercolors on paper. The other similarity was that it was in a square format. It's fun going over pictures of previous paintings and finding that you are building knowledge and techniques all along the way. Each workshop and class is really integrating with what you already know even if you aren't consciously thinking of it. Workshops have a way of making me go beyond what I would do on my own, there is an almost electric, creative atmosphere when you are with a group of other artists.


  1. This has so much color and movement, I really like the way you seem to have some printing on it? I've always been a fan of text!

  2. Aaaarrrr...very,very pretty, matey! Should be tattooed on a pirate's chest (or booty?) I'm appreciatin' yer suggestion on me donut paintin' and wonderin' if ye might be givin' lessons on talking like a Pirate, here on Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day?

  3. Thank you both for your comments. Barbara, I love getting text on my paintings, especially text that is not really readable. I have stamps for that and stamp the text on unryu (?) paper and then collage it on the painting.
    R.G. no pirate speak lessons, but it's quirky fun.



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