Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Workshop with Don Taylor

It seems that no matter how many years you have been painting you can still learn something new. Even old dogs can learn new tricks. That's why I take as many workshops as I can. There are always new things to learn, new products to try. Who knows? I may finally find that magic brush I've always wanted that will take me to those artistic heights of excellence that we all pursue. Not only that, I get to have 3 or more consecutive days to paint in a friendly, encouraging setting. That said, this painting is one I worked on and finished in Don Taylor's workshop. He uses a triad of aureolin, cobalt, and rose madder genuine for his under painting. After that dries, he combines ultra marine with hematite pigments from Daniel Smith for a granulating dark effect. The hematites are non-staining and easy to lift. I lost a lot of my under painting getting in the darks but I think the look of a gloomy, rainy day is sort of interesting. This picture was done with his reference and his help on the perspective. Thanks Don!


  1. The perspective is perfect, and it definitely looks like a rainy day. Re the magic brush - I was in the art store the other day and a sales person told me how an artist gave her a $200 brush. "It is amazing", she said. "You ought to get one some day." That, apparently, is the magic brush. Not magic enough, though, for my taste. If it were truly magic, one of the zeros would disappear!

  2. I think the magic in the brush is the diligent practice. I had lots of help with the perspective in that paintinng since that is not a natural ability of mine. It's so funny that you mentioned one of the zero's disapearing, there is a man here in our burg that get's brush manufacturers seconds and sell them to us for $2. Some of them are lovely sable brushes, too.



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