Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Last of the roses

Our temperatures in SW Florida are running way below normal; our normal high is 75, today my thermometer is sticking at 56, and there's a mean north wind. It's not unusual to have a cold snap or an occasional light freeze but to have this cold (to us) weather last for a couple of weeks is unusual. I had two salmon colored roses left on my bush and I thought that with the wind and predicted frost they would not last the night.

I've always admired the way that Janet Rogers paints roses but I have not perfected her method, yet. She lays down a puddle of varied color, subtracts with a damp brush and adds a few darker areas and like magic a rose appears. So, with that in mind I painted another of my required minis. I think I need a little more practice.


  1. Gorgeous rose! I think you've done brilliantly!

    I live in Texas and we are having unusually cold weather too. We're to get down to 19 degrees on Thursday! I'm worried that all my beautiful plants outside won't make it through this winter!

  2. I think the painting is beautiful. Two roses place great significance to me. When my mom died I put 2 red rose buds in a vase next to her coffin. Once funeral was over, I placed the rose buds next to her with her Bible. When Tom and I got back to Alabama (he was in college)we pulled into the driveway. There was a un-pruned rose bush and guess what: 2 red rose buds were blooming!!! Tell me God doesn't speak to us. So, whenever I see 2 roses or 2 rose buds it brings back a powerful message that "God is real and he hears our hearts!" Also, had a poem next to the roses which was stolen with my purse and the powerful message basically talked about a rose being like the sweet bloom of maturity!!!



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