Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sun Bathers

Today was the first day of a Don Andrews workshop I'm taking at the Cape Coral Art League. Today's demo and lecture was all about capturing the light. Watercolorists know that the light has to be saved, protected and preserved. Don talked about how much to save and where to save it. Don explained that photos often have light scattered everywhere, the artist is to select the light areas that will make an interesting painting. He painted a beautiful Guatemala street scene with light reflecting off the buildings. Everyone was to use either their own picture or one of his to plan and execute a painting where the light areas were planned and preserved. I choose a picture that I took in the Florida Keys a few years ago. As a painting I think it's mediocre but I did manage to plan and preserve the light area. I think I'll be doing this scene again, all it takes is practice, practice, practice!


  1. Hi Jan, I just found your blog via Cape Coral Art League. I don't do watercolor but really admire those of you who do! Your painting has lovely color and atmosphere. How wonderful that you are taking the Don Andrews workshop. His work is awesome! I'm going to follow your progress with the practice, practice, practice! I so agree that that's what it takes! I plan to visit your art league soon and will look for your work!

  2. Capturing and preserving the light is one of the hardest things when executing a painting - especially in watercolors since you cannot go back and paint over the piece. I've learned a lot since attending classes but it does take a lot of practice.



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