Friday, February 19, 2010

A virtual on sight painting

This is my first attempt to be part of the Virtual Paint Out folks. The assignment this month was San Francisco so I went to Google Maps and tried to find an interesting place to paint. I found that was the hardest part of the assignment; I couldn't find anything but boring streets and buildings. I tried to get to China Town or the Wharf but my little yellow man in Google maps wasn't too cooperative. I finally settled on this charming Cafe on The Embarcadero. I'm not sure what the hoop things are for but they made interesting shapes and shadows. When I sent the picture off, I got messages from my server that they couldn't deliver the message but they would keep trying. I haven't checked with www.virtualpaintout to see if it was finally delivered. I hope it's there. I also have hoped to try the 20 minute challenge and post on their blog, too, but so far I haven't tried to paint a 20 minute picture. It sounds like fun, though.

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  1. I'm sure by now you've seen your painting on VPO. Very nice. I lived out there for a while so kind of knew where to go. My problem is that I was told the size was wrong. He did resize it, but now I don't know how to do another and size it ... Well, I'll look into it.
    Yes, Sanibel ,,, used to be a great place in the 80's so quiet and picturesque, .. I think it's probably grown a lot since then..



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