Friday, March 26, 2010

Orange on Found Paper

I started my painting session yesterday at the Art League by finding some donated paper. I wasn't sure what it was so I decided to do a 20 minute challenge with it. One of the artists brought juice oranges to share and I decided that would make a good subject. As I began my painting I noticed that the water in my paint was being sucked up by the blotter-like paper. Indeed, if my brush was really wet, it soaked right through the paper. Since the pigment doesn't lay on the surface more than a nano-second, it's very difficult to blend colors on the paper. I worked in layers, instead. I think the paper is for print making. I may try a mono print on it and see how it works out.
My scan of the painting is more vivid than that of the actual painting, I noticed the same thing with the pears. I tried to adjust it with my picture program but wasn't happy with any of the results. Does anyone have any ideas that aren't too technical? Thanks.

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  1. This is really very good for being painted on such a porus surface. As to the tech side of posting I just don't know much about it. I just upload the picture and poof! there it is. ! and the little palette paint box, your right, very small but it fits anywhere. .Purse , pocket etc.



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