Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunflower Bouquet

Sunflower Bouquet 9 x 11 watercolor
Last week I purchased a beautiful sunflower bouquet. After admiring it for several days I thought I'd better paint it before the wilt sets in. I love painting sunflowers and I strive to keep the colors fresh and not to get in there and overwork. Isn't is amazing what hard work it is not to overwork? I could sit and diddle with a painting like this for hours. It takes discipline, or maybe a needed trip to the bathroom to stop. I can still see things in the painting that I could change or add, but I'm going to stop. The bouquet had little roses, and small gladiolas along with lots of leafy things to fill in so it really could have been a week long painting but the sunflowers were the stars.


  1. Oh! This is gorgeous! The sunflowers are the stars. I love your colors and you definitely managed to paint this just right.
    Your collages in your previous two posts are so well done. I love collage but find it remarkably hard to do.

  2. Thanks! I find collages hard to do, too, but I love the challenge of trying to get everything to balance.

  3. Thank you so much for your encouragement.. I know it happens to us all... so it will pass.
    Love your bouquet and that love the collages.. I work on them too. maybe thats how I could get going again! see! IDEA!



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