Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Nightingale Sang

A Nightingale Sang 15x15 Acrylic Collage

Happy New Year to all! I finally got my last finished painting photographed and ready to place on my blog. It's another acrylic collage that sort of evolved. I have one thing planned and then it keeps getting modified and rethought until I like it and decide it's finished (for now). The bird that is collaged into the painting is probably not a nightingale but the painting made me think of the song. In the lyrics there is a reference to the moon so I thought it fit. It was fun putting it all together and getting the colors to where I wanted them.

I went back in my blogging history and discovered that the anniversary of starting my blog had passed without comment. I found that I started on December 11, 2008! Wow, how time flies. I may have to do a painting with "tempest fugit" to commemorate the event.

I don't usually make resolutions anymore; life seems to interfere with resolutions. But, be it resolved: I will paint at least 10 minutes every day! Surely 10 minutes is achievable!


  1. Happy Blog anniversary! Your collage is excellent- you really have a talent for these. Love the colors.
    Your resolution does sound very doable! I look forward to seeing your paintings in 2011.

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary a bit late! I enjoyed looking at your latest works. You're achieving wonderful, vibrant color! Stunning. And, I thoroughly enjoyed this collage!



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