Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More Cherries

Cherries and Crystal 11x15 watercolor and acrylic
I had to paint some more cherries in a crystal bowl after learning the technique from Ann Abgott last month. I set up my own still life and photographed it from different angles to try to get a good composition. I assumed this is easy when I started, but I soon find out that it's not! After a lot of trail and error I came up with a photo that I liked and printed it out. Then it was off to the printer to get an enlargement to work from. I did several set ups so that I wouldn't have to keep making trips. I have worked on this over 3 or 4 weeks with a Karlyn Holman workshop in between. I find it really helps to do your own painting after learning something new; it helps those newly formed brain cells to stay in place. Now I'm thinking of combining the two different styles of painting. "I wonder what would happen if..." is one of my favorite questions.

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  1. Very beautiful and well done. I'm interested that you combined watercolor and acrylic.



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