Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm Still Here

Passages, Abstract 1, 11x 15 watercolor

I'm still here, I'm still painting but it seems like I'm not finishing things, just starting things. This abstract was started in Kathleen Conover's workshop but, of course, I've had to fiddle it to death. Abstracts are like that for me; I'm never quite sure when I've finished. I think I've got this painting where I want it after adding and subtracting for the last two weeks.

I had a demonstration week end at the Wildchild Gallery so I painted for two days straight and have nothing to show for it. It's hard, no, impossible, to keep your concentration when you are having to interact with people who come by. One is expected to "schmooze", I'm not too good at that but I try. It's fun to meet and talk with people but I can't make any art that is worth the name while I'm doing it. I have another such week end coming up this Friday and Saturday. So, if anyone has any ideas of how they paint and converse I'd like to hear how they do it. Sometimes I paint on yupo because I can wipe it off and start over and not feel like I'm wasting too much. I can do the same with paper that has gesso on it and that is something that is interesting to the people who come by and only know traditional watercolor.


  1. Hi, the secret to painting and visiting at the same time is PLANNING. No time for happy accidents--they turn out to be bad everytime! At least that is what happens to me! Maybe do a different version of something you have already successfully done, such as your bird painting. Good luck!

  2. A beautiful abstract. I love the cruciform composition.
    As far as doing art in front of others AND talk... I couldn't do it. Egretta's comment sounds like good advice.

  3. Planning is a must. Usually I can come up with something not to serious. I have found that working on the paper with gesso on it is fool proof. Goof are easily fixed.

  4. I love your abstract and I think it is finished. Lovely color and a sense of form. Great job.

  5. I enjoy the way the colors are almost whimsical and yet have the allure of a smoky caress.

    It's very beautiful.



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