Sunday, May 01, 2011

Quick Geraniums

                      Quick Geraniums 5.5X7, watercolor on gesso paper.

I've been frustrated lately with the paintings I've been working on. It seems like they just aren't coming out the way that I'd hoped they would. Sometimes I just have to put the big stuff aside and do something small and quick. This afternoon I brought a geranium pot into my studio and painted it on a little piece of paper that had been textured with the "gesso juice". The painting looks like more pot that flower but you should have seen that poor little geranium before it got some TLC and fertilizer! Doing paintings like these puts the joy back into painting for me. I was about to change my name to "strugglingartist" instead of "joyfulartist".

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  1. Yes! It's wonderful. I suppose the struggles make us better, but in the midst of it, that's hard to grasp. It's good to go to your strengths. Well done!



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