Monday, August 08, 2011

He's Got The Blues

                                        He's Got the Blues, watercolor/mixed media, 16x22

I painted this to be an entry in the State Fair Fine Arts Show. They get several thousand entries each year in every category that you can think of. This year it was one accepted work for each ten entered. Not bad odds if you're playing the lottery but not good odds for getting into an art show. Mine didn't get accepted so now I've got the blues! I've only gotten accepted once at the Fair and it was the first time I had entered. So, like a lottery player who wins once, I keep entering. Oh well, I had fun painting him; I made my under painting with lots of textural materials and then added some of them back as I painted the picture. My photo doesn't do it justice because you can't see all the fun things in the background. I may try taking pictures of parts of it and posting it in segments in the future.


  1. I don't know why your painting wasn't selected for the show. I think it is really good and before I read what you said, I was praising this painting in my own mind. If I had been a judge, I'm sure it would have made it. Sometimes (most times, I find) judging is based on personal likes and dislikes, not on artistic merit. Very frustrating. But, we just keep painting!

  2. Extremely difficult to believe this didn't make the cut! It's wonderful. I would love to see more posts of it in segments.

  3. I like the "Blues" LOL ! don't be down about not getting in... It's a wonderful painting .. like the background blocking in those colors... sets it off ... hugs Barbra Joan (BJ )



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