Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ceramic Bird

                                Still Life with Ceramic Bird  Watercolor 4X6

I found a couple of ceramic birds that belonged to my mother when I was recently cleaning my china cabinet. I was about to put them in the thrift store box when I realized that these would make fun still life objects. (Maybe this is why I can't get rid of anything). They are small so they fit well with fruit and other small things for easily managed arrangements. This was a fun execise that I did on a watercolor postcard.
The postcards come in a pack and are glued on 4 sides with a little spot where you can insert a small palette knife to separate them once it's dry, just like a watercolor pad. They are really handy to take along on trips because they are small and easy to pack with your travel kit.

1 comment:

  1. What a sweet still life, so fresh and delicate.
    I used to have a few wonderful ceramic birds that I lost a long the way ... and wish I had them now to paint! Always on the lookout in 2nd hand stores and such. Yours is very nice!
    And, thank you, for letting me know the pictures weren't showing up on blog!



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