Sunday, January 22, 2012

Geranium Card

                              Geranium Card and envelope, watercolor.

While I was painting outside the other day I also did a painting of my brave little geranium plant. I call it brave because it came through the summer even though it was sorely neglected. Before I left Florida for the summer I put it in it's pot in the landscaping where it would get irrigation and rain whenever it was provided. Geraniums don't like wet feet so they don't usually make it through the summer here. But, this one did. It looked pretty awful, scrawny stems and tiny leaves. So, I watered and fertilized and even though the leaves are still small it is blooming like crazy! It adds a pop of color to my lanai and it deserves being painted onto a card.

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words on my blog.. I appreciate that so much and yes, I will get better. as I was doing that I get to see your geranium, and the story about it...
    You know I live further north, central florida, and I too have geraniums that were 'brave' still sitting out there. Imagine that! Will have to take special care of those little guys .. they have courage! BJ



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