Friday, May 11, 2012

It's a Funny Art World

                                   Ebb Tide, Mixed media on paper, 15x22

I posted this painting several weeks ago as an abstract seascape. However, it was originally posted with the blue band on the top instead of the bottom. In the meantime I took it to the frame shop for a frame. When I got it home the framer had put the wire on it to hang this way. Since I had signed it vertically they couldn't have known by the signature which way I intended it to hang. I decided that as an abstract it could hang either way and entered it in our art leagues nautical themed show. I was awarded an honorable mention and I had a great time at the reception explaining to people that it was hanging upside down. The show judge saw rather ethereal masts and sails of ships in the painting. What do you see?


  1. How great! Either way you hang it, I like it!

  2. That is hysterical!I have often painted abstracts and turned them different ways to see what I like that is happening and even deciding to turn it the "other way" before signing, but never had the framer do the honors for me! Congratulations on the award.

  3. I love this! Hanging either way, it's a beauty! :)



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