Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Little Red Hen

Henny Penny
9x12 watercolor

Last week in the Open Painting group I chose to paint a chicken from a photo that I had. She looks quite smart and sure of herself and reminds me of the children's story The Little Red Hen.  I think her name was Henny Penny and no one in the barnyard wanted to help her make bread but everyone wanted to eat it when she was finished; but she wouldn't let them. The moral being that if you don't work you don't eat. I wonder if that tale is still being read to children today. 

I painted her feathers with quinacridone orange, burnt sienna, and a mixture of ultra marine blue and green blue. When it was dry I added some iridescent orange and blue.  It adds a little sheen to the painting which doesn't show up too well on the photo.


  1. Love your hen and the Henny Penny story brings back memories. Yes, I'm old enough to have read that story .. Thank God !
    Haven't tried any of the iridescent paints yet, but so tempted... BJ

  2. Love the classic story of the Little Red Hen. It's a great lesson for people of all ages! Like your rendition of her here. Thanks for following my blog and welcome!

  3. A perky, darling hen and a charming story to go with!

  4. This painting would make a great illustration in a children's book. Well done. Love the blue in the tail feathers.



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