Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Collage papers, Step 1

Altered magazine pages for collage

I've been occupied lately with making papers for collage without adhesives. It involves a lot of preparation ahead of time. These are pages from National Geographic Magazine that have been altered. The ones on the upper left have been stamped with gloss medium, allowed to dry and then the ink on the picture has been removed with a metal cleaner called Never Dull. Only the ink under the stamping has been preserved. The papers on the right were altered with the Never Dull with stencils or other texturing devices. 
The next step is to coat these papers on both sides with gloss medium. You may be asking why go through this process? Because these papers are now uniquely mine. They are not copies of anyone else's photos or work. My finished collage will be all original. I forgot to mention that these collages will not need adhesives. More on that next time!

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