Friday, February 28, 2014

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Those Who Wish to Sing
Collage 7 X 7

It's been awhile since I've been blogging. it's amazing how much time it takes to teach a class, especially when you are new to it. Instead of making art I've been making plans for class. It was very rewarding to teach this newly learned skill to others and watch the enthusiasm for making papers and then making the collages. Eventually I just have to make something! I can't stand being around the papers and not start putting an idea together. I saw this quote on another blog, or Pinterest or somewhere and wanted to use it in a collage with music notes, player piano paper and finally a new bird stamp. Some of the other papers are altered from magazines and painted copy paper. All of it has been sealed in acrylic. 

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  1. Oh darn !! I wrote a whole comment to you on this collage..and somehow it went into cyber space. Your collage work is so good .. congrats on your sales.. always boosts our confidence.
    Aside from watercolor my other passion is paper, paper and more paper.
    After seeing a fellow blogger do a very large collage in black and white torn paper, I've been procrastinating to do something like that.. Well it's been a year ! I think maybe I"ll get to it ...



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