Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 16 Stormy Day

Stormy Day
Postcard Collage

One thing you learn about Florida is that a rain storm can pop up at any time. You don't leave windows open or convertible tops down, especially in the summer. Today, for instance, it was bright and sunny until suddenly dark gray clouds rolled in, lightening flashed, thunder rolled. It will be raining buckets in one neighborhood while two blocks away it remains dry. Not like the area wide rains we would get "up north". So this little collage shows the blue skies and the thundercloud with the wind whipping everything around. It's made from tissue and altered magazine pages and heat fused to 140# watercolor paper. It is sealed with acrylic medium.

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  1. Excellent! And so true! Florida weather totally cracks me up. Here in Gainesville the humidity is so ridiculous that we step out into it and just laugh. I love the spiral in your painting!



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