Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 30--Which One?

 Sunset Silhouette 2
Watercolor 5.5 X 6

Mail From the Past
Collage, 7.5 X 5.5

It's the last day of the 30 in 30 Days Challenge and I can't decide which piece to put in for the last day. I think it will be the watercolor now that I see them both up on the computer. It's been a fun challenge and has certainly stretched me to put aside time to do my art almost every day. Even now in the mess it calls me to do more. Other voices are calling too, mostly in the form of dust bunnies in the corners of every room. 


  1. Yes Jan, we did it to the end and yes you are crazy enough to do it again... I say 'maybe' but I think it would have to be later than Jan.. we'll see.
    Love your mail piece, I've always been partial to mixed media with text in it... Hopefully now that the challenge chaos is over I'll do some other things..
    It's been great fun having someone else along with me.. . BJ

  2. I am so glad to have found your delightful blog (via your comment on Barbra Joan's) and loved scrolling down through all your daily pieces. It's very impressive that you held to the discipline and it's fun to see your work in both watercolor and collage. As a fellow Floridian, I was struck by the "Sea Grapes" collage. Couldn't say exactly what drew me in, but the colors and the lively composition capture the beachfront feel of this wonderful bush.

    1. Thanks to you both for your kind comments. I think the comments help a lot to keep me going.



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