Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Mini Collage Class

I taught a Mini Collage Class last Saturday in Sun City, FL. My long-time friend, Dixie, was instrumental in getting the class organized. There were 10 enthusiastic ladies in the class and they were a joy to work with. They got right into it and were eager to learn the process. I had the little frames that were a donation and made the paper substrate to fit each one so that the class would be able to get started right away finding their collage papers. For a warm up they all did 3 practice collages on index cards using glue sticks to fasten the papers down. That got their creative juices going so that they could put together their heat fused collages. A couple of gals had to leave early before I got a picture of their collage so there are only 8 out of 10, but they are all wonderful little compositions. The images are all between 2 x 2 to 3 x 3 inches. 


  1. Oh Jan, these are wonderful... I'm always torn between my watercolor, pencil, collage and now trying pen/ink sketching. BTW the leaves were transparent watercolors... I'm posting a larger page of all four of them... I know I got very detailed with these, but wanted to show them pretty much the way they are.
    Yes,, nice in Tn. but oh do I miss my Florida sunshine... everyday. Actually, here I'm still waiting for summer. LOL ! as I spent 45 of them in Fl. and lived to tell about it . !
    Send my best regards, Keep up the great work ...
    oh, one thing I would love to try is doing a collage using the paper as color to create the 'painting'. One of our bloggers Mary Calquet besides being a painter, does collages.Mary is a lovely person, travels a lot ..interesting . .. Love her larger works. . Her blog is call Art Adventures .



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