Friday, June 24, 2016

Painting outdoors

Sample Palette and painting 1

Sample Palette and painting 2

While visiting our daughter in Oregon we went with her to the stable where she boards her horse. As she rode we sat outside in the shade and enjoyed the setting, read, and I painted. I had picked up two sample palettes from Golden's Qor watercolors at the Florida Watercolor Society trade show last year. They were handy to do a couple of quick watercolor sketches. I used sample colors on each packet for the paintings, then I added some pen and used a watercolor pen for the fences. The paintings are about 4 inches square. I enjoyed the challenge of mixing the colors I needed from the palette that was provided.
A very large bird flew across the sky which I tried to capture in the second painting. I should have painted  in the horse and rider but they just wouldn't stand still!

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