Monday, July 18, 2016

Finished Piece

Souvenir From Paris
8 X 8 Floating Collage

After shopping hardware stores small and large I found turn buttons at Michaels. Who knew? There were no choices as to color or size but at least I found some in a package where I didn't have to buy 50, plus shipping. 
And, yes, the answer to my silly riddle is from the last post is insane, or "in Seine" for the two of you who wrote comments. Thanks, for that. I love getting comments, real ones, not spam. 
Summer is a good time to play around with new ideas and materials. Last week I started making paper for collage in larger format. I'm using paper grocery bags and brown craft paper. They will have many layers on them so they are not finished yet. I'll post pictures after they have as many layers as I want on them. 
I'm thinking about joining the 30 day challenge again in September. Yes, I'm insane, and not in a river! The challenge really gets my creative juices going and I try not to pressure myself but to just have a good time and crank it up a bit. If you're interested look up Leslie Saeta on the internet. I'll try to post the link a little later if I decide to participate.

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