Monday, September 19, 2016

Starting Small

Pink Roof Beach House 1
 Collage 6 X 6

Wow, was it ever nice to get 3 comments on my last post! Thanks everyone.

I'm starting my Beach House series small to start with. I think I'll continue with my series a little larger because it's easier not to have so many small pieces to work with. 

The beach houses around here have taken on a Key West vibe and have been painted in pastels and brighter colors. Some even have polka dots! I found this paper in an art store and just had to use it just the way it was. The roof is from some Geli plate printing that I did; the sky, sea and trees are altered National Geographic pages and the sand is hand painted printer paper. I finished it with acrylic paint and some pen work. It's finished with a coat of acrylic UV varnish ready to mat and frame or adhere to a 6 X 6 panel.


  1. Jan, well your really getting into it ! Love this colorful piece. Don't stop now.. I think your onto something..

    I'm still going to try my hand at it... but for now I've had some good sales at the Etsy shop. So I try to keep at least 50 pieces in there, I find that having a good number gets more views and sales..
    I have a blog (and an online friend) in California that does it all. Painting, pastel, watercolor, and collages... Super work, here's her blog address. you have to really search out her collages on there but it's well worth it .. ALL paper, and amazing..
    Her name is Mary , and a very talented lady..
    The collages I like most are her Black/white and very large.
    Try to take a look , I think you might like it.

  2. Thanks Barbara Joan, for the tip! I will check it out.



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