Sunday, November 06, 2016

Playing Catch Up

 Circular Thoughts
8 X 8 Collage on wood panel

I've been doing a lot of collage lately but not keeping up with the photography and blog posting. Today seems like a good day to do some catch up work. This is an older collage that just felt unfinished to me. I finally decided it needed a blackbird and some embellishments. The circle bead embellishments are harder to spot in the photo but there are 3 and they have some dimension to them and I think they add some interest to the collage. I was thinking about how some thoughts keep going around in your head and that's how I came up with the title.

Paris Skyline
 6 X 6 Collage 

If you've followed my blog you know that I like to incorporate Paris into my paintings and collages. This is an actual Paris skyline on the top, other elements are stamps and collage papers that have been painted or altered in some way. 
I love the intuitive nature of  collage and how it can be abstract and still have recognizable elements in it. This one was started as a demo that I did for the art guild in Sun City FL. It took several weeks before I added the tower and tree. Like painting with paint, when you paint with papers sometimes it takes awhile before the painting "tells you" what it needs.
I have 7 more collages that are in that stage of waiting for the finishing touches so stay tuned.


  1. Jan, you are so right !! Too late, I'm hooked already, but I think I've taken on a lot ... I'm trying to 'paint' the whole space with torn magazine papers..
    I've been interested in this ever since I saw Derek Gores' work and my blogger friend Mary doing some amazing work.
    I've always liked yours and the ones you have here are really so good... I could see these in an exhibit on mixed media. Isn't it funny how just adding a blackbird or some other image can 'finish' the piece..

  2. Love your style of collaging (is that a word?) I too have been doing several in a little accordion book I was given. Tho our styles are quite different, I completely understand how it talks to you and eventually tells you what is needed. Sometimes they take days to make with thoughtful intervals between the working on them.

  3. Both collages are beautiful, but my favorite is your Paris Skyline. The colors and the perspective you created through your layering are amazing. Blessings!



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