Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Woods

The Woods
Mixed Media Collage 8 X 8

This little landscape collage was one of those experiments that turned out well. The landscape foreground of hand painted and altered papers came together quickly and easily. I knew I wanted the feeling of woods on the top but couldn't find or make any paper that worked. As I wandered through an arts and crafts store I came upon a stamp of woods that would fade in the background. I used the stamp on thin tissue so that if there was a background it would show through. The stamped piece was laid under the adjoining piece which was also an altered tissue. I like the effect very much. I painted the bird and a few leaves so that the scene wouldn't look too forlorn, like it had been burned. 


  1. Lovely muted color. I enjoy the graphic design element too--the repeated lines of the trunk; the surprise of the single red bird.
    (And thanks for the advice re the rhodos!)

  2. Looks great and really do like the effect you received.

  3. Jan you are so good at these collages. It's definetly a talent and you've got it..
    I was investigating the workshop of Derek Gores in Melbourne.
    That's something I've been interested in. No I'll never give up my struggles with watercolors.. LOL !



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