Thursday, June 22, 2017

Out of Sight

Handsome Rooster
6.5 X 9.75 Mixed media

"Out of sight, out of mind" the saying goes. It was true in my case. I grabbed and old painting block from my art closet on my way to an open painting session at our local art league. When I opened it, there was this rooster staring at me with unfinished eyes and beak. Poor thing has been languishing for so long I don't even remember starting it. I laugh about getting old and forgetful, I guess this must be proof. His lovely red comb and wattle has collage as well as some collage on his white feathers. He is drawn with ink and painted with watercolor. I finished the piece with a light yellow-green background. 

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  1. No wonder you haven't been around. Out traveling the world huh?
    Your rooster is just beautiful, love the colors and glad he has eyes now to see.
    BTW the site that I wrote about on my blog ... I found out that they actually don't sell your work on posters. They want you to go to a link that's provided to report about it.. Then they can get a lot of info that way and get into your computer.. so that's what they're really after..
    Yes, I found so many of my bloggers art on there.. And also this is where they steal our photos, from the blogs, and I suppose from other sites.. I'm relieved that they don't get them from Etsy..
    Barbra Joan



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