Saturday, May 30, 2009


This is a drizzle rooster I did awhile back. You drizzle a glossy acrylic outline and when it's dry you can wet the paper and add the color. It's a fun process, especially with chickens.

We've been in transition the last couple of weeks. We pack up and leave Florida's hot and steamy weather for something more moderate in Minnesota. People call it the theater of weather. You can get it all in just to span of a few hours. Some years a summer in Minnesota can be as hot and humid as one in Florida, but that is unusual. I hoped I could paint something during the down time of traveling but it just didn't happen. Now that we are settled in, groceries bought, bags unpacked, laundry done, I can get some organization going in my painting area and get back to blogging.


  1. An interesting concept which worked well. I am currently experimenting with Yupo. It's exciting to try different things. This picture is lovely and the colors vibrate. Love the fact that you left the chicken mostly white with some background color spilling over. Works great.

  2. This is so fun! Love how the colors bleed out a bit. Very glow-y.

    Have a lovely Minnesota holiday! Lovely summers there, as I recall.



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