Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Different Strokes Challenge

I'm just getting into painting again since the "transition". I wanted to enter the Different Strokes Challenge and today was the final day to submit an entry. I had to get my brushes going fast. Sometimes if you don't sweat it too much things work out better. That was the case today. I had a picture of a bull that I always wanted to paint but didn't know about what background would be interesting. The Challenge provided me with a perfect background for my black bull. Is he an Angus? I don't know, he was all by himself on a ranch in Wyoming, and he wasn't too happy about it. He stopped complaining long enough for me to take the picture. I think the farm picture is Pennsylvania, maybe he'll be happier there.


  1. Jan, I love your bull! And really enjoyed visiting your blog...especially since we are neighbors! I am in Port Charlotte and we are trying so hard to get out of Florida to North Carolina! Hope to leave this weekend! Wow...You travel a lot farther than we do! Have a wonderful and cool summer!

  2. what a nice looking bull, great entry for DSFDF

  3. Thanks for the comments you, two!

  4. Jan, thanks for your comment on my blog. and you've left Florida.. we were practically neighbors, I live in Lakeland and would love to leave here too. Lucky you!!
    love your last piece, one of these days I'll try the challenge. Some look like fun to do. Some others not so much. Good luck in your new place. and keep connected. I do have you on my list and visit all the time. oh, that landscape pad is a cheap one made by Aquabee, but the paper is only good for quick sketches. got it at Pearls Paint.



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